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Bob Whipple provides coaching services for individuals and small groups in organizations where he is consulting or on a direct-hire basis. Coaching sessions are arranged in a series of one hour discussions, once a week, for usually 6-12 weeks duration.

Coaching contracts begin with an assessment phase where the individual's specific needs are determined. Depending on the situation, this may include a 360-degree leadership assessment, a blockage survey, a trust survey, general discussions with the individual and work associates, a review of the organization's extant data (such as Quality of Work Life surveys, turnover rates, union grievances, and other existing HR data.)

The topics covered in coaching sessions are determined by the person being coached. Some examples of typical coaching topics include:

  • Executive interpersonal skills
  • Leadership and strategic direction
  • Personal leadership and life mastery
  • Job search and interviewing skills
  • Team building and mid-career skill building
  • Remedial labor relations issues
  • Conflict resolution and motivation
  • Creating a more positive vision

Bob's coaching style uses private personal discussions. He typically does not offer direct solutions to problems, but draws out solutions that may be trapped inside the person being coached. Sometimes for clarification, some optional paths may be discussed as a way to illuminate the ideas that exist within the client.

Coaching rates are priced competitively, and special discount rates are extended to consulting clients.