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Leadergrow Advanced Leadership Assessment

Test the level of your leadership relative to building Trust. Are you tired of the same old leadership assessments every year? Try this insightful leadership measuring tool. See how you stack up with the best of the best in creating and maintaining trust.

As a first approximation this survey can be self administered. To obtain a more balanced view, a 360º assessment of the leader is preferable. More than 5 data points on each question will enhance data accuracy and usefulness of results. It is highly advisable for input to be submitted anonymously. Have at least five of your colleagues fill out the questionnaire and print out the detailed results. They can send the results to you in an envelope without any identifying information to assure anonymity. The survey may be repeated later (annually) to demonstrate progress on key attributes over time.

Take the Leadership Assessment Survey

Leadership Development Needs assessment

Leadergrow has developed a proprietary needs assessment questionnaire that takes only about 10 minutes to fill out, but covers most areas where leadership training might be needed. You can use this assessment to find out what training is required at various levels in your organization. It is particularly helpful at comparing opinions at different levels. For example, the VP level may develop a profile of needed skills for the managers, while the managers themselves might see a different profile of need. Comparing the profiles at different levels can generate insights about how the different layers interact.

Please contact us to request this no-cost Development Needs assessment.

Trust Survey

Leadergrow has developed a user-friendly survey for determining the levels of trust within any organization. The survey takes less than 15 minutes and can diagnose the root cause of trust problems within the organization.

Please contact us to request the no-cost Trust Survey.